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We are very happy with the service we received. There were no hidden costs to us, all the legal costs were covered, and the solicitors we were recommend were also very good. Thank you

A Dunbar & J Brown

Very helpful, Always there on the other end of the phone for advice. Kept us informed what was going on, I would recommend to friends & family

Rhian Jones

Have been very pleased with the advice & guidance given throughout the process of selling my home. I could not think of anything that could have been done better. The professionalism and courtesy shown throughout was excellent. Thank you

Janet Griffiths

Our experience of selling our house with you has been a good one, the sale went through quickly like we were promised it would. I would recommend you to anyone who was in a fix and having trouble selling their property cause it certainly helped us

Lee Ann Jones

I found the process of selling my property to you very straight forward and very quick.

Mrs B Fox
  • Sell Your House Quickly

    Most sales complete within 4 weeks... So if your fed up of waiting for your estate agent to sell your home? Why wait.... When you can complete your sale within a month!
  • Offer Within 24 Hrs

    Were not like most quick sale companies... We work with multiple buyers, to get you the best possible price.... These buyers are ready to go and we can get you an offer and sale agreed within 24 hrs!
  • No Fees!

    You don't pay any fees with us, our service is free.... on top of this our buyers pay all legal & survey fees to buy your property... This could save you thousands alone compared to selling via an agent or with other quick sale companies!
  • Get Up To 10% More With Your Sale

    Because we deal with lots of buyers, we work to get you the best offer we can. We will also send you a free guide on how to get the best offer when dealing with a quick sale company, when you fill in the free offer form to the right now...

Sell House Fast Guide





How To Sell Your House Quickly

Selling your property can seem pretty daunting, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here we will show you how to sell your house quickly and easily

But if time is of the essence and your looking for a quick offer for your house, then just simply fill in the details in the form to your right and we will work on getting an offer over to you straight away.

We will even include our free,quick quide on how you can get up to 10% more with your housesale than with most quick buy companies.

Three Steps To Sell Your Property Quickly

Unfortunately even in the current property market, selling via an estate agent (or even auction) can take time. Your talking 3 months just for the sale to go through, and that’s once you’ve found a buyer ! There are ways you might be able to improve this, like checking out these BBC property tips

But even then it could still take you 3-6 months first, just to find the buyer….

So what happens if you need to sell quickly, where do you turn then?

The answer is a private buyer, investor or quick sale company.

The reason why, is because they are setup ready to buy property quickly and aren’t involved in any chains, so there is minimal delays with your sale.

The private buyers we work with can give you an offer within 24 hours and complete within 4 weeks (they have been known to complete sooner if needed)

So let’s look at three steps to sell your property quickly

1). Find a buyer

As mentioned, selling with an estate agent could take months to find a buyer…. But that’s where your in luck!

This isn’t the only way to sell…. Why not consider a private sale, direct to the buyer

We have a large list of investors ready to make offers today and complete quickly. They can work to your time frames, so a quick sale is no problem, and they will even pay your legal fees to sell

So the first step of how to sell your house quickly… finding a buyer…. is covered

2). Get an offer

The next step is to get an offer.

Selling via an estate agent can be hard work to get to the offer stage… Plenty of viewings, at awkward times of the day or weekend, feeling like you have to have your home on show and often your agent will even ask you to do work on the property to ‘spruce it up’ before they even start viewings

And all this in the hope of getting at least an offer.

Buy selling direct, you don’t have to go through all of this. We have investors ready to buy and can give you an offer within 24 hours.

Not only that but you don’t have to worry about loads of viewings and doing work just to get your property ‘ready’

The investor buyers we have will buy your property in any condition, and can complete quickly.

So by simply filling in the form to the right of this page, you can find your buyer and get an offer all within 24 hours.

3). Complete the Sale

As mentioned earlier, selling via an agent can take 3 months just to complete the sale, once you have an offer. That’s 3 more months of waiting, of mortgage costs, of council tax, insurance and utility bills.

All of these costs can seriously add up, and the time it takes is a real problem if your looking to sell your house quickly

Another option is to sell direct

All of the buyers we have lined up are used to completing on property sales quickly. The average time is around 4 weeks, but in special cases (and repossessions) they can act much quicker if needed

So by filling in the form on the right, your buyer and offer could be sorted within 24 hours and your sale within a month

So if your looking at how to sell your house quickly, then fill in your form now….

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