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We are very happy with the service we received. There were no hidden costs to us, all the legal costs were covered, and the solicitors we were recommend were also very good. Thank you

A Dunbar & J Brown

Very helpful, Always there on the other end of the phone for advice. Kept us informed what was going on, I would recommend to friends & family

Rhian Jones

Have been very pleased with the advice & guidance given throughout the process of selling my home. I could not think of anything that could have been done better. The professionalism and courtesy shown throughout was excellent. Thank you

Janet Griffiths

Our experience of selling our house with you has been a good one, the sale went through quickly like we were promised it would. I would recommend you to anyone who was in a fix and having trouble selling their property cause it certainly helped us

Lee Ann Jones

I found the process of selling my property to you very straight forward and very quick.

Mrs B Fox
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  • Get Up To 10% More With Your Sale

    Because we deal with lots of buyers, we work to get you the best offer we can. We will also send you a free guide on how to get the best offer when dealing with a quick sale company, when you fill in the free offer form to the right now...

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Private House Sales

If your looking at Private house sales as a way to sell your property then your in the right place

As part of your Sell House Fast Guide, we will uncover below the advantages and disadvantages of selling your house privately, but simply put, if your looking for a quick sale, with no costs then private sales could be a great option for you.

But first, check out this wikipedia article on what a Private house sale or For Sale By Owner actually means

So Why Should You Sell Your House Privately

Most sales are carried out by estate agents in the UK.

On avergage 1 in 3 sales via an estate agent currently falls through….

This could be for any number of reasons, but the main one’s are usually because the sales are part of a chain, and so when one buyer can’t complete, it affects the rest of the properties in the chain.

The downside to all of this for you as the sell, means that even when you have agreed your sale via an estate agent, it doesn’t mean your going to complete… you still have a couple of months of crossing your fingers and waiting….

This is no good if your looking for a quick sale

On the other hand a private sale can offer three main benefits

1). No Chain

Because there’s no chain involved, a private sale/investor doesn’t need to sell their own home to buy your house. So you don’t need to worry about the usually issues of the sale falling through because of unruly chains, unlike the risk you may face when selling through an estate agent

2). No Fees

With a private sale to an investor, there are no fees to pay…

If you want to sell quickly then fill out the form to your right and we can find a buyer for you, who will even pay your legal costs to sell.

So not only do you have no estate agents fees to pay, there are also no legal selling costs either. On top of that, you can sell your property in any condition, so don’t worry about having to spend money on any longstanding maintenance or decoration you have been worried may put buyers off… Our buyers will buy in any condition

3). Quick Sale

One of the main benefits of private house sales, is the speed of sale. Our investor buyers are used to buying property quickly. They already have the money ready to go, and we can get you an offer for your property within 24 hours

They are used to dealing with cases of repossession too, so if your worried out money or you have had any court letters through from your mortgage company, they don’t worry, within 24 hours we can find you a buyer who can complete your sale very quickly and deal with the banks on your behalf.

Just contact us now by filling in the form on the right of this page


The Disadvantages of Selling Privately

There is one main disadvantages of selling your property via a private sale, or marketing it yourself on a for sale by owner website, and we always like to be upfront and honest so we have included it here

You see although an investor buyer can complete very quickly on your sale, they will usually have many other properties they have the potential of buying.

Because of this buyers market, they will need to make a profit when they buy to make it worth them offering.

So often (but not always) they may not be able to offer the same for your property as maybe say a first time buyer would.

But because we work with lots of investors, we work on trying to get you the best offer we can….

This means there offers are still very competitive AND by selling quickly you could be saving thousands in extra mortgage costs, insurance, utility bills, maintenance, council tax and more…


What Happens Next

If your consider trying to sell your property via an estate agent or online for sale by owner website…. The consider the costs

But if you want to achieve a private house sale without the costs, then why not sell directly to one of our investor buyers?

This service is completely free of charge, it wont cost you a penny. Simply click here and fill in your details on the right hand side and we can get an offer to you within 24 hours.

You don’t have to accept it, its a completely free of charge service, but hopefully it will be the offer you’ve been looking for and will help you get your property sold quickly and allow you to move forward with your life

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